He’s Watching (2022) Movie Review


He’s Watching – Movie Review

Director: Jacob Estes (Mean Creek, Don’t Let Go)

Writer: Jacob Estes (Screenplay)


  • Iris Serena Estes
  • Lucas Steel Estes

Plot: A pair of happy-go-lucky siblings, left alone while their parents recover from an illness, play a series of pranks on each other. The game becomes nightmarish when they realize something sinister is watching them – and it wants to play too.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: He’s Watching starts as siblings Iris and Lucas are looking after themselves as their parents are recovering from illness. Starting as harmless fun between the two, they play games with each other.

As the games get more intense, the pair discover they aren’t the ones playing them on each other. This leads to them needing to team up to understand the unexplainable events happening around their home.

Verdict on He’s Watching


Iris is the siblings’ teenager; she needs to take the responsibilities when their parents are recovering. She does get tired of Lucas being so needy, wanting to do her own thing and sick of his filming all the time. Once the strange events start happening, she will work with him to find a solution.

Lucas is the younger sibling who spends time filming around the house, which does start to annoy Iris. After he confesses not being behind some of the recordings they discover. He will join up with Iris as they search for answers, seemingly putting together clues better than she can.


The real-life siblings in the movie Iris Serena Estes and Lucas Steel Estes show the natural sibling relationship. One that shows how they can annoy each other, but deep down they love each other. The pair have different horror experiences, which keep us on edge through the dimly light shots.


The story follows two childhood siblings that are playing jokes on each other, only for them to discover they have been targeted by a presence in their home. This leads to the pair trying to put together the pieces to uncover what is truly going on.

We have a horror story that does an excellent job at keeping us on edge. Not jumping into the pure horror jump scares, instead following the attempts to solve what is happening. The clues are placed out together hinting at what needs to be done, despite the younger siblings putting together the clues a lot quicker than it hints at.

This is a story that keeps you wanting to know more, one that is filled with tension. One that keeps plenty of unexplained moments in that help make us feel insecure about the experience.


He’s Watching is a horror thriller that uses the home of the family as the main attraction for unexplained events. The lighting is amazing in this film because it shows us how little the siblings must work with, as well as the unexplained moments surrounding it. In many other films, this would be seen as a negative, but the dimly lit scenes add so much more to the movie. When it comes to the images they are put through, there are some disturbing creations added in.

He’s Watching is available in U.S. VOD Nationwide This Thursday, July 21st!

Final ThoughtsHe’s Watching is a creepy, atmospheric horror that shreds the nerves of the audience.

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