King Charles III: The New Monarchy (2023) Movie Review


King Charles III: The New Monarchy – Movie Review

Director: Tara Pirnia

Plot: Prince Charles was always destined to wear the crown.  From the royal childhood in Buckingham Palace to his naval career and life as the Prince of Wales, he’s had his successes and hardships.  From a young prince to now the king, he’s been a constant in the British royal family, hoping one day not only to wear the crown, but to usher the British royals into a new modern era as King Charles III.

Runtime: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on King Charles III: The New Monarchy

King Charles III: The New Monarchy is a documentary exploring the life of King Charles. It gets to see the early years and distant relationship with his mother. How this affected his life growing up and how he kept to himself a lot.

This does feel like a surface-level documentary trying to change public opinion on King Charles III. It gets to show how he adapted to the changes and learned to not let the public poll of opinion define him. This covers nearly his whole life and dips into the ups and downs along the way.

While learning about the basics of King Charles III life. This does explore what a few people are looking at going forward. However, most of the information would have been drawn out through ‘The Crown’ television series and could get into the deeper moments. This is solid enough to learn the basics about the new King before his coronation.

Final ThoughtsKing Charles III: The New Monarchy is an interesting exploration into the new King’s life.

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