Justice (2011)

Teacher Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) and his wife musician Laura (January Jones) live a good normal life. One night when Laura is going home she is assaulted and left in hospital. Angry Will shows his frustration until a stranger Simon (Guy Pearce) offers him a very strange deal. Simon offers to kill the man responsible for the attack, but to do this he will have to do them a favour in the future.

The state Will is in he accepts the offer and the man is killed, a few weeks pass and Will and Laura start to rebuild their lives. Things look like they are going well until Simon turns up and asks Will to kill a man who he has been told is a criminal.

When Will refuses to do so he starts to get hunted down by Simon and his crew, but how high up does this system of justice go?

This thriller is actually very enjoyable considering its box office failures. Nicolas Cage does a good job as a man tested with moral questions filled with revenge and anger. In the end you will be left with the moral question yourself and what you would do after someone you love is serious hurt. There a few twists that will keep the story interesting enough for the casual viewer and I would suggest watching to all thriller fans.

My Rating 80%

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