Ultraviolet (2006)

The director of Equilibrium Kurt Wimmer teams up with Sci-fi action queen Milla Jovovich.

Set in  future where certain humans have been infected by a virus that display vampire like symptoms giving them enhanced speed, high stamina and greater intelligence. Both humans and the infected are on the brink of war, but when one infected lady Violet (Milla Jovovich) defies both to save a young boy Six (Cameron Bright) who could be used as a weapon on either side.

When you get any sci-fi actioner with Milla Jovovich you know the fights are going to be over the top and hugely enjoyable but by adding in Wimmer’s creation Gun Kata a combination of gun fighting and martial arts you get something a little bit extra. The film was cut to remove some of the emotional scene which makes it more commercial but the emotion level could have given it a more Equilibrium feel which would have improved the overall level of the film, but still it is very enjoyable and all Milla fans will enjoy.

Favourite Character: Violet

Star Performance: Milla Jovovich

Best Part: Mainly all the fight scenes

My Rating 78%

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