Jockey (2021) Movie Review

Jockey – Movie Review


Director: Clint Bentley

Writer: Clint Bentley, Greg Kwedar (Screenplay)


  • Clifton Collins Jr (Star Trek)
  • Moises Arias (Ender’s Game)
  • Molly Parker (Deadwood)
  • Logan Cormier

Plot: An ageing jockey aims for a final championship when a rookie rider arrives claiming to be his son.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Jockey starts as we meet an ageing jockey Jackson Silva (Collins Jr) who wants to return to racing. It is the only thing he has ever done and he is one of the best in the sport. Jackson must pass medicals, that confirm he shouldn’t be rising because of his previous injuries.

When a young jockey Gabriel Boullait (Arias) turns up on the circuit. Jackson learns he is his son, reluctantly taking him under his wing to teach him the tricks of the trade. This leaves Jackson pondering his future in the sport, despite wanting that final championship.

Verdict on Jockey

Jockey is a drama exploring the world of horse jockeys. Showing how dangerous the sport can be behind the scenes and how every jockey wants one more race. The movie builds a unique bond between a veteran and a rookie, as they trade points that could help achieve more in the sport.

In the world of sports dramas, we have seen the veteran-rookie relationship many times before. It is one of the easiest stories to work together and one that works very well. This is no different with Clifton Collins Jr giving a brilliant performance in the leading role. It is filled with the raw emotion of what is going on. As well as showing the dangers that have taken over the sport, despite having stricter medical codes to compete.

Final Thoughts Jockey is a raw look behind the scenes of the jockey world.

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