Honk (2022) Short Movie Review

Honk – Movie Review


Director: Cheryl Allison

Writer: Cheryl Allison (Screenplay)

Plot: The power of love shines in this heart-warming tale of friendship and inspiration between an unlikely duo. Cheryl inadvertently befriends a mourning goose, Honk, while recycling in the local park. As the budding friendship blossoms and Cheryl seeks Honk a new home, he becomes a viral sensation capturing the hearts and minds of millions.

Runtime: 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Honk

Honk is a documentary following a woman Cheryl that befriends a goose during the Covid-19 pandemic. It follows Cheryl’s struggles with early lockdowns, where her walks saw her meet a goose Honk. She found herself being followed around the local park, which sees her learning about geese to help Honk. It ends up creating a viral sensation as people around the world wanted to know about Honk’s story.

This documentary helps show the awareness needed to protect wildlife in local parks. From being tidy and clearing up your own mess and not taking in ducks or geese to be pets for seasonal events. There is a heart-warming message going on throughout the film that looks to show how important relationships with animals can keep us strong.

Final Thoughts Honk is a heart-warming documentary.

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