The Audition (2022) Movie Review

The Audition – Movie Review


Director: Bizhan M Tong

Writer: Bizhan M Tong (Screenplay)


  • Kevin Leslie
  • Anita Chui
  • Xander Berkeley (Candyman)
  • Tara Ahmed
  • Andrew Akinyede

Plot: In the midst of a global pandemic an actor who enters an audition must pass a series of tests in order to keep those around him alive.

Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Audition starts when an actor Larry (Leslie) takes an audition during a global pandemic. He is auditioning with Joel (Berkeley) who sets up different scenes for him to try out. Only for these scenes to have a much more realistic twist, causing chaos in their lives.

As the audition continues to get deadlier, Larry finds the audition more difficult. Unable to escape the call, despite the dangerous consequences.

Verdict on The Audition

The Audition is a horror thriller that follows an aspiring actor that takes a new audition. He finds himself getting caught up in a bigger game being presented by the casting director. This puts him through a dangerous series of events that have a connection to a previous incident.

First off, this is a global pandemic movie, using the idea that auditions happen on a webcam. Creating a world where the actor will do anything to get a role. It does turn into a twisted version of ‘Saw’ where the message is about past actions. There is a message about how people acted during the Covid pandemic. One that shows the alarming change in mindsets, increased tension and massive losses people suffered.

The movie does have a strong series of performances. Kevin Leslie takes centre stage, while the supporting cast brings the important substance to the bigger story.

Final Thoughts The Audition is a tense thriller, with an excellent twist in the story.

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