HollyBlood (2022) Movie Review

HollyBlood – Movie Review


Director: Jesus Font

Writer: Jose Perez Quintero (Screenplay)


  • Oscar Casas
  • Isa Montalban
  • Jordi Sanchez
  • Carloe Suarez
  • Lara Boedo

Plot: Javi, is a perfectly ordinary teenager who doesn’t suspect that his crush on Sara might be reciprocated. Through a string of misunderstandings, Sara comes to believe that Javi is in possession of supernatural powers.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: HollyBlood starts when new teenager Javi (Casas) moves to a new school, where he starts to have a crush on Sara (Montalban). Javi joins an online forum of vampire fans, where a series of misunderstandings sees Sara to believe he is a vampire.

When teenage vampire hunter Diego (Suarez) goes in search of a local vampire Azrael (Mandez). All clues point to Javi, as the misunderstanding spirals out of control.

Verdict on HollyBlood

HollyBlood is a horror comedy following a group of teenagers who find themselves fighting back against a vampire in their high school. It gets to play into the modern-day fantasies of vampires, mocking the Twilight franchise. While using high school politics to navigate the introduction to the characters.

When it comes to dealing with the vampires, we get plenty of comedy in how everything unfolds. Seeing how the vampire figures have become seen in the modern world, with fantasy movies. It all plays out very fun, never taking itself too seriously.

The performances in the film work well. The actors play the roles they are performing, showing the eccentric side of people within the vampire world.

Where to Watch: HollyBlood is available on Netflix.

Final ThoughtsHollyBlood is a fun spin on the vampire movie.

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