Greywood’s Plot (2019) Movie Review

Greywood’s Plot – Movie Review

Greywood's Plot

Director: Josh Stifter

Writer: Josh Stifter, Daniel Degnan (Screenplay)


  • Daniel Degnan
  • Josh Stifter
  • Samantha Kirchoff
  • Aaron McKenna
  • Keith Radichel

Plot: After finding a tape of what appears to be a monster, two friends journey into the woods to uncover if the video was a hoax.

Runtime: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Greywood’s Plot starts as Dom (Stifter) is struggling to find his place in life, wanting to discover a monster in life. He recruits his best friend Miles (Radichel) to join him in a hunt for something discovered in the woods.

The pair head off to Doug Greywood’s (Degnan) plot, where the recording was first discovered. As the pair explore the woodland, they learn about the real monster in the woods.

Verdict on Greywood’s Plot

Greywood’s Plot is a horror movie that shows the desperation to be remembered in the hunt for a monster in the woods. It shows how people will give up parts of their lives in search of things that are only myths or legends.

While this does start like any movie of people searching in the woods for a monster, it does take a dramatic turn along the way. One we didn’t see coming and arguably becoming more disturbing.

The effects used for the shocks are great, they are disturbing with what we end up experiencing. Josh Stifter, Keith Radichel and Daniel Degnan give us great performances that show the determination to find their lives moments.

Final ThoughtsGreywood’s Plot is a disturbing horror with a shocking conclusion.

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