Hitchcock (2012)

ogoDirector: Sacha Gervasi

Writer: John J. McLaughlin (Screenplay) Stephen Rebello (Book)

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Danny Huston, Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Michael Wincott, Jessica Biel, James D’Arcy


Plot: In 1959, Alfred Hitchcock and his wife, Alma, are at the top of their creative game as filmmakers amid disquieting insinuations about it being time to retire. To recapture his youth’s artistic daring, Alfred decides his next film will adapt the lurid horror novel, Psycho, over everyone’s misgivings. Unfortunately, as Alfred self-finances and labours on this film, Alma finally loses patience with his roving eye and controlling habits with his actresses. When an ambitious friend lures her to collaborate on a work of their own, the resulting marital tension colours Alfred’s work even as the novel’s inspiration haunts his dreams.


Verdict: Great Mind


Story: With Hitchcock arguable the greatest director Hollywood has seen with all his classic films we get to see how he broke all traditions to make the now classic ‘Psycho’. His choose went against every studio and no one wanted to touch the project. We see how he risked a large amount of money he had earned to make this picture and see how he got his inspiration for the picture.

The film only follows the difficulties Hitchcock struggled with the picture and his personally life which is very good to see instead of watching something that followed his whole career. Psycho could easily be considered his most well-known film which also helps showing how much of a fight it was to make such an iconic film. (8/10)


Actor Review


Anthony Hopkins: Alfred Hitchcock the great director who is fresh off the back of ‘North by Northwest’ he has no inspiration for his next picture. He has offers coming in all over the place but little to no interest in making these pictures. He finds out no one is interested in a book known as Psycho so he makes this his next project. We see how he gives up his usual style to make the film as an independent picture, he has to keep up his usual high standards while battling his own personal problems. Great performance from Anthony give a performance the great man would be proud off. (10/10)


Helen Mirren: Alma Reville Hitchcock’s wife who has been working with him and supporting him for decades. She starts becoming over friendly with a writer Whitfield but discovers that he has alternative plans. Great performance from Mirren but when doesn’t she give excellent performances? (9/10)


Scarlett Johansson: Janet Leigh actress of choice for the leading role in the picture, she has never worked with Hitchcock but finds out he is a true gentlemen who can get the very best out of the actress. Good supporting performance that fits in perfectly with the bigger names. (8/10)


Danny Huston: Whitfield Cook writer who wants to have his work turned into a Hitchcock film and tries to charm Alma into working with him. Good performance as the seedy character trying to get what he wants at any means. (8/10)


Director Review: Sacha Gervasi – Great direction to show how a great director got his masterpiece completed. (9/10)


Biography: Brilliant look at how one of the greatest horror films ever was made. (10/10)

Drama: Great use of the drama storyline showing how simple things in life can be overreacted with consequences that never need to happy. (9/10)

Settings: Brilliantly recreated settings to stay with the time period in question. (10/10)

Suggestion: This is a film to be watching, it has a couple of laughs but most importantly it tells how one of the greatest films ever made was made. (Watch)


Best Part: Hopkins as Hitchcock is brilliant

Worst Part: I personally didn’t like the final scene with him looking for inspiration for his next film.

Funniest Scene: Trying to get a certificate for the film.

Favourite Quote: Hitchcock ‘She won’t be nude, she’ll be wearing a shower cap’

Believability: It is how Psycho was made. (10/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: Nominated for one Oscar for Best Achievement in Makeup and Hair

Box Office: $23 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

Tagline: Behind every Psycho is a great woman


Overall: Brilliant Story About Brilliance

Rating 90

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