Studio Focus – Mycho Entertainment Group

I have decided that I want to look at small independent movie production companies. I want to help spread the word of their work and see how much their work is different to the mainstream material we always end up seeing and disliking.

First up as recommend by Gary Baxter the man behind ‘Dr Death’s Cinema Surgery’ is Mycho Entertainment Group. They focus on making horror films which started with shorts before making the first feature film ‘Creepsville’ in 2010 followed up by ‘Slasher House’ in 2012. Following on from that they made ‘Legacy of Thorn’ which is a sequel to one of their short films ‘Thorn’. They also have ‘Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown’ due out in 2015. All of the films are directed by MJ Dixon who also initiated the company.


Linden and Amy’s relationship is in big trouble and after a night out they get into the wrong Taxi and their night out soon descends into a night of terror when Linden finds himself waking up in park in the middle of a very dangerous estate.

It is now a race against time to save Amy and to make matters worse Linden is being pursued by blood thirsty, mask wearing maniacs. Time is running out… and the meter is ticking.

This plays to very simple horror, showing us that we don’t need to have an over the top storyline for a horror, it shows we just need suspense.

Slasher House

When RED awakens in a prison cell within an old abandoned Madhouse, she has no idea how she got there and why she has been placed there. As her cell door opens she soon discovers that she is not alone. Trapped with the world’s most notorious serial killers she finds herself caught in a deadly game with no escape as one by one the other ‘inmates’ are released to stalk her as their own prey. RED must now battle impossible enemies as she tries to find her freedom and soon realizes that there is a bigger plan for all this than she first realized. Will this ‘Final’ girl have what it takes? Or will she see the last of her days in the endless corridors of SLASHER HOUSE!

Legacy of Thorn

Four years ago, Jess and her friends lived a nightmare that has left her almost killed by the unstoppable killer ‘Thorn’. Four years later, Jessica and the survivors make an attempt to stop him once and for all.

Each of these films puts a heroine in danger against masked killers. Now we ask the question when was the last time we had a decent masked killer stalking victims? We had the lacklustre ‘See No Evil’ and we have the non-suspenseful ‘Halloween’ & ‘Friday the 13th’ Remakes.

So I ask the horror film fans out there, would you give these films a chance? Or are you still into the overplayed found footage, false jump scares filled horrors or butchered remakes?

If you were given a chance to watch these three films would you?

I personally would watch all three, they all look like they would offer a horror experience that would be enjoyable. now let’s all get behind the indie horror films that usually offer more than the run of the mill Hollywood film.

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