Highwaymen (2004)

Director: Robert Harmon

Writer: Craig Mitchell, Hans Bauer

Starring: Jim Caviezel, Rhona Mitra, Frankie Faison, Colm Feore, Gordon Currie, Andrea Roth


Story: James ‘Rennie’ Clay (Caviezel) is on a revenge path with Fargo (Feore) the serial killer who killed his wife. Fargo half man half machine uses his car as his weapon causing pill ups or just cases of hit and run. When Fargo targets Molly Poole (Mitra) Rennie sees his chance to get his revenge.


With crash scene investigator Will Macklin (Faison) hot on Rennie’s tail this cat and mouse thriller really starts to heat up.


Verdict: This action thriller full of car chases, crashes and carnage is an adrenaline ride. If you have seen ‘Deathproof’ this is similar minus all the talking between the chases, which makes movie a bit short. The suspense grows as the movie progresses very well and by the end it gets to edge of your seat stuff. Released the same year as ‘Passion of the Christ’ Jim Caviezel makes himself a new character with relative ease. It has an 18 certificate which seems very unfair considering very little over the top violence of any sort seems to take place. Overall this is well worth the watch as it is very simple to follow and doesn’t take up to much concentration time. Good for it level in the action thriller genre.


Story Mark 8/10 Simple story to follow ticks all the boxes for good fit in the genre.


Action Mark 9/10 Some very good car chases and crashes.


Character Development Mark 7/10 Rennie character gets more information explained during the story.


Star Performances: Jim Caviezel shines on revenge campaign.

Favourite Character: Rennie strong character that has one objective in life.


Best Part: Car chases and cat and mouse element through out.


Worst Part: It is a bit short


Similar Too – Deathproof, The Hitcher


My Rating 80%

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