Stake Land (2010)

Director: Jim Mickle

Writer: Nick Damici, Jim Mickle

Starring: Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis, Michael Cerveris, Danielle Harris, Sean Nelson


Story When a vampire epidemic takes over the world Martin (Paolo) and his family are trying to escape, when vampires attack and kill his family. Mister (Damici) saves Martin and takes him on the road to a safer place.


Meeting different people some good Sister (McGillis), Belle (Harris) and Willis (Nelson). Some bad Jabedia (Cerveris) and his brotherhood of religious followers. They come across towns of people who have continued to live what can be called normal life and others that are abandoned.


This horror thriller will keep you guessing all the way through from start to finishes.


Verdict The surprise package of a movie here you see the word vampire and you think well watch we know the outcome. No this plays out like a zombie movie with vampires and every trick to kill them becomes more of a reality check. Every single horror fan will enjoy this as it offers everything you would like to see in a new generation horror film. Everything seems to have a very real aspect.


Story Mark 9/10 Original vampire story.


Action Mark 9/10 Some very good action fight sequences never too long or short.


Horror Mark 9/10 mainly all survival horror


Friendship Chemistry Mark 9/10 As the story unfolds the friendship bond grows.


Special Effects Mark 9/10 Realistic looking vampires much better than more commercial films have offered.


Star Performances The whole does a great job through out.


Favourite Character Mister becomes a father figure to Martin and teaches him the best way to survive Stake Land.


Best Part The brutal side to the killings.


Worst Part Bit of a cliché ending.


Similar Too –  Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead


My Rating 92%


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