Hard Feeling (2023) Movie Review

Hard Feeling – Movie Review

Hard Feeling

Director: Granz Henman


Plot: Two best friends try to make it through high school while dealing with embarrassing new urges and their very inconvenient feelings for each other.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hard Feeling starts when high school student Charly (Schafer) deals with constant bullying from the other students.  His only friend is Paula (Henman) and they are both late bloomers. However, after a freak lightning strike, Charly finds his life-changing.

Charly finds himself dealing with his first erection and his penis talking to him. However, this leads to him being left in an embarrassing situation, leading to him going viral. Meanwhile, Paula is going through the same situation and finding it just as difficult. Can the two navigate their new feelings or face ruining their friendship?

Verdict on Hard Feeling

Hard Feeling is a high school romantic comedy following two best friends that suddenly start having sexual urges. They both find themselves having their penis and vagina talking to them as they are unsure of what they need in life. The two must learn to deal with the urges and the high school politics.

This does bring a funny comedy to life seeing how the two a dealing with their conversations with the genitals. The high school politics are as ruthless as always. When it comes to everything going on, it is all about learning how to deal with people in life and understanding the people you should keep around you.

Where to Watch: Hard Feeling is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Hard Feeling is a funny high school comedy.

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