Gray People (2022) Movie Review

Gray People – Movie Review

Gray People

Director: Romello Blade

Writer: Romello Blade (Screenplay)


  • Michelle Nunez (God’s Waiting Room)
  • Dennis Mallen (The Mad Hatter)
  • Casey Starchak (Temptation Island)
  • Isaiah Jimenez (The Whitlow House)
  • Essex O’Brien (Where the Land Meets the Sky)

Plot: Nick, facing mounting pressure from his mother to find a job and desperately trying to own a start up, enlists the help of his best friend Kyle, a privileged slacker, living his best life. Running out of time and options, the two are presented an opportunity which they can’t refuse.

Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Gray People starts when Nick (Jimenez) finds his living situation becomes complicated. His mother pushes him to find his own life, which sees him turning to his best friend Kyle (Starchak). Nick and Kyle have their own plans for a start-up, which sees them travelling around looking for funding.

However. Their plan becomes complicated when they are dealing with a new race accepted into America, the Gray People. This leads to the pair deciding to be Gray People to get themselves the chance they don’t believe they can have.

Verdict on Gray People

Gray People is a comedy-drama following two best friends looking to solve their financial problems. They decide to go undercover as a new race accepted into America to get a better opportunity. However, a series of events makes this more difficult than they had planned.

This is an oddball comedy diving into the bigger discussion of accepting a new race into everyday life. Outside of that discussion, we get to see a cat-n-mouse-style comedy that gets laughs at times. It understands the situations the characters are going through and gets to make the most of them. The performances are fun getting to play their roles well throughout the film.

Final Thoughts Gray People is an entertaining comedy with a big message about acceptance.

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