Condor’s Nest (2023) Movie Review

Condor’s Nest – Movie Review

COndor's Nest

Director: Phil Blattenberger

Writer: Phil Blattenberger (Screenplay)


  • Michael Ironside (Turbo Kid)
  • Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy)
  • Jackson Rathbone (Twilight)
  • Jorge Garcia (Lost)
  • Bruce Davison (X-Men)

Plot: A decade after the fall of Nazi Germany, an American aviator travels across South America in search of war criminals and encounters more than he bargained for.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Condor’s Nest starts in the aftermath of World War II. An American aviator Will Spalding (Keohane) heads to South America in search of war criminals, with Colonel Martin Bach (Vosloo) being his prime target. He saw Bach and his men butcher his unit, something he is haunted by his time there.

When he locates his latest target, he wants to use him to find Bach. However, an Israeli agent Leyna Rahn (Britti) is also tracking the war criminals. Will, Leyna and German scientist Albert Vogel (Pagano) must put aside their difference to track down the biggest war criminals in hiding.

Verdict on Condor’s Nest

Condor’s Nest is an action thriller following three strangers that must put their differences aside to track down a Nazi war criminal. An American who lost his unit, an Israeli agent and a former Nazi scientist hoping to escape to a new life. they must travel across South America to search for the most notorious of all of them.

This movie looks to explore more of the hunts for hidden Nazis in the aftermath of World War II. It shows how multiple sides have come together to finish of their grievances from the war. As well as showing that not every side is prepared to work together, feeling that more must be done to punish those involved.

This is also a movie that relies on a few bigger names in important roles. While the up-and-coming stars take centre stage. Jacob Keohane, Corinne Britti and Al Pagano are the main cast in the movie. When it comes to the action and suspense, it all works well, without ever getting to the biggest levels of suspense. Sadly, this is a movie we could have got a lot more in-depth with, which could have added a lot more levels to the movie.

Where to Watch: Condor’s Nest will be available on Digital Download from 20th March & DVD from 3rd April.

Final Thoughts Condor’s Nest is a suspenseful thriller.

Condor's Nest

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