Ghost Ship (2002)

Director: Steve Beck

Writer: Mark Hanlon

Starring: Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington, Isaiah Washington, Alex Dimitriades, Karl Urban, Emily Browning.


Story When a team of salvagers lead by Captain Sean Murphy (Byrne) also having Epps (Margulies), Dodge (Eldard), Greer (Washington), Santos (Dimitriades) and Munder (Urban). After completing a difficult job they look to head their separate ways until the next jobs comes up. Before they go Jack Ferriman (Harrington) approaches the team with a job for a cruise liner drifting in Open Ocean.


The team take the job and head out to locate the cruise liner. As they arrive at the cruise liner they discover it is a ship that disappeared forty years ago. Upon boarding the ship strange things start happening starting with Epps seeing a little girl (Browning) in the middle of the main floor.


With the strange goings on will the crew be able to salvage the ship before its too late or will the events on the ship take there toll on the crew?


Verdict This horror thriller poses a lot of similarities with such films as Event Horizon and Lost Voyage. Having lots of attempts at jumps that don’t really surprise it’s the story that really keeps you guessing. Having twists right up to the end, which is the best thing about the whole movie. Most performance are pretty routine with nobody really standing out but saying that most of them have gone onto bigger and better things.


Some of the special effects are pretty average with the exception of the open sequences on the dance floor won’t put in what happened in case it ruins the surprise. Overall if you like a horror film that gives you twists through out this one is well worth a watch.


Story Mark 8/10 The twists save what is a pretty routine story.


Action Mark 7/10 Good sequences but nothing that really shines out as proper action.


Horror Mark 8/10 Good horror levels nothing that should scare too much but could get a few shocks.


Character Development Mark 6/10 The characters in the crew are hard to develop, as they don’t need to tell back-story to each other. The ghosts have the best back-story on what happened on the ship.


Friendship Chemistry Mark 9/10 The crew are very tight knit and it shows.


Special Effects Mark 8/10 Simple stuff after opening sequences.


Star Performances Guess you could say everyone no one really stands out.


Favourite Character Jack only character that has some mystery about himself.


Poor Performance Gabriel Byrne really shouldn’t be making these average horros with his past in great films like Usual Suspects.


Least Favourite Character Greer whiny character annoying through out.


Best Part open sequences and twist at the very end.


Worst Part  Lack of real scares.


Best Quote Epps (after Jack says he found a ship while flying over ocean) ‘Congratulations. You found a boat in the middle of the ocean of all places.’


Similar Too – Event Horizon, Lost Voyage.


My Rating 76%

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