Flushed Away (2006) Movie Review


 ABC Film Challenge – Animation – F – Flushed Away (2006)

Director: David Bowers, Sam Fell

Writer: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, Christopher Lloyd, Joe Keenan, William Davies (Screenplay) Sam Fell, Peter Lord, Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais (Story)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, Bill Nighy, Andy Serkis, Shane Richie

Plot: The story of an uptown rat that gets flushed down the toilet from his penthouse apartment, ending in the sewers of London, where he has to learn a whole new and different way of life.

Tagline – Someone’s Going Down

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Flushed Away starts when a rat Roddy from a Kensington sees his life of luxury thrown away when he gets flushed down the toilet. Putting him into a new world he has never been to before, an underground maze of other rats.

Here Roddy will need to search for Rita a rebellious figure sailing the sewers. Which will see him thrown into a world run by The Toad. Who has a plan which will see Roddy getting involved in the biggest adventure of his life.

Thoughts on Flushed Away

Flushed Away is an animated movie that sees a pet rat flushed down the toilet into an underground sewer world. Where he unwittingly becomes part of a bigger conspiracy going on within the creatures in there.

This is an entertaining look at throwing something into a new world. With a rat being put into a world that is similar to what Futurama had. With the underground world of New York, with this being London.

The idea of an evil figure looking for their own reasons for certain things and an unlikely pairing coming together to work on solving the problem. While seeing the two different worlds they have come from. The world created is wonderfully cleave using many different ideas that would be seen through London. This is a fun animated film that is filled with plenty of British spirit that will give us the laughs along the way.

Final Thoughts Flushed Away is a fun enjoyable animated movie filled with laughs.

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