First Signal (2021) Movie Review

Director: Mark Lund

Writer: Mark Lund (Screenplay)

Starring: Paul Noonan, Conor Timmis, Wendy Hartman, Patience McStravick, Stephanie Eaton

Plot: When Air Force Space Command receives a signal from an alien satellite in Earth orbit an emergency meeting with the President reveals a government conspiracy.

Tagline – An Alien Satellite. A Government Conspiracy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: First Signal starts when the powers that be in the world must come together after receiving a signal from an alien satellite, President Helen Colton (Hartman) is joined by General John Reager (Noonan), Major Ellen Sampson (McStravick) and stranger Cedric Yonah (Timmis) as they look to come together in search for the answers on how to deal with this.

As the hearing comes to a close, President Colton must meet with other world leaders, General Reager is planning the defence and Ceric Yonah looks to use his knowledge of history to make it clear about what could be happening.

Thoughts on First Signal

ThoughtsFirst Signal brings us the discussion-based idea behind finding a signal not from our world, showing how the world leaders could come together to bring their own ideas on how to deal with the signal. The clear message going into this one, is that we don’t end up seeing any type of action, this is purely a discussion-based film, which could easily be a turn off for some people. This offers up the ideas of what could happen, but the low to micro budget holds back most of this film from reaching the full potential, it does however have a satisfying conclusion behind the story.

Final Thoughts First Signal is an interesting discussion about what could happen with an unknown signal coming to Earth.

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