Father of the Flying Car (2022) Movie Review

Father of the Flying Car – Interesting Conversation Starter

Father of the Flying Car Poster

Director: Scott Hardie

Plot: Dr Paul Moller, an esteemed inventor, fights against the odds to complete his life’s work, the flying car.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Father of the Flying Car

Father of the Flying Car is a documentary exploring the journey Paul Moller took with his dream of a flying car. Following his first invention and the risks it took. Right up to the daily struggles to keep the business running. Showing us how Paul believes the larger companies are trying to hold him back.

What the movie investigates is the devotion Paul has taken in his life. How much work and effort into making the flying car. Only for the world to only see it as more of a circus attraction. Rather than an option for future travel.

The legal loopholes needed to make the cars viable and legal for the skies. This is another debate going on here. How would the cars work, would they improve things if people could use the space to travel from A to B. The concepts behind how the cars would be automatic travel, rather than driving.

The documentary offers plenty of conversation starts for the idea. Only it doesn’t seem to make the cars appealing to the outside world. They all look tight and compact, add in the fears of flying. We never look deep enough into the consequences of the cars, if something was to go wrong.

Offering plenty of discussion points doesn’t cover up the fact that we don’t learn enough about the cars. Never driving deep enough into the grand plan of the creation. No concept arts of how cities would operate with the vehicles. Feeling more like a dream than a reality.

Final ThoughtsFather of the Flying Car offers plenty of conversation about a world with flying cars.

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