Thir13en Ghosts – The Ghosts

Thir13en Ghosts – The Ghosts

Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts

The ghosts are the major plot point in the film. They are the keys to the bigger picture, each having its own unique appearance to strike up different levels of terror. They are not all evil ghosts, some are disturbing, while others are friendly. It is how you see them to what horrors they bring to you.

The First-Born Son
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts - the first born son

The First-Born Son has an arrow through his head, the child makes it easy for Bobby to be attracted to play with him. Can appear in any direction, just wanting to play. He is often further away. Never seemingly like a threat when he appears.

The Torso
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts the torse

The Torse is a terrifying figure, dismembered around the home. He will often be used for shock value, because of the image the torse presents. He is begging for help wanting the limbs of victims to come back to life.

The Bound Woman
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Bound Woman

The Bound Woman is one of the first ghosts we get a glimpse of. Calling for Bobby into the basement. She has been strangled, with maggots on her body, in her hair and over her cuts. Having a contorted movement towards the victims.

The Withered Lover
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts - The Withered Lover

The Withered Lover is the one pure sole out of the ghosts in the home. The deceased wife of Arthur lost in fire six months before. She will act more as a guide, looking to protect her family from beyond the grave. Proving that not everything we meet in the home is going to be scary.

The Torn Prince
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Torn Prince

The Torn Prince has been waiting to swing away at his victims. He has been ripped apart, with his flesh hanging off his body and his baseball jacket covering up other parts. Swinging away, he gets the damage done to Dennis once released.

The Angry Princess
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Angry Princess

The Angry Princess is easily one of the most iconic ghost creations of the era. Naked and scarred, she lurks more than attacks. Involved in the first kill in the house. In what is a nice touch of revenge on the sexist comment she just received from the seedy lawyer. The bathroom scene, with the message of ‘I’m Sorry’ in a bloodstain on the floor shows the chaos she brings.

The Pilgrimess
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Pilgrimess

The Pilgrimess is locked in a pillory making her a wide threat, that is desperate the scratch, claw and bite her victims. It would be easy to compare this ghost to The Jackal, in the era where they came from. It is one of the few ghosts we don’t get too much interaction with.

The Great Child & The Dire Mother
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Great Child and Dire Mother

The pair come together, as the overweight adult still gets fed by his tiny mother. Wearing a diaper and eating baby food. It is almost like she never let him grow up. More of a disturbing image, rather than a bigger threat as ghosts.

The Hammer
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Hammer

The Hammer is the killer covered in spikes, almost like he has put them in himself after his kills. He will torment from behind the glass, creating jump scares to show how the glasses work for Maggie. A massive figure that would strike fear in anybody who comes across him. Every strike with his massive hammer creates a massive electrical flash moment.

The Jackal
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Jackal

The Jackal is one of the most ferocious ghosts. Ravaging anyone it manages to capture in a frenzied attack. One of the ghosts Dennis doesn’t want to get near. He will unleash a terrifying attack on Kathy, leaving her injured, screaming and terrified.

The Juggernaut
Thir13en Ghosts - The Ghosts The Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is the last captured ghost, the 12th ghost. A serial killer that never stopped killing after his death. Haunting a junkyard, he kills with ease, with an imposing presence. The character looks a lot like Frankenstein’s monster, only more menacing.

The director’s commentary has created deeper backstories for Thir13en Ghosts – The Ghosts. One that would have been interesting to learn more about, if this ever got remade.

In the final part, I will be looking at the other factors that could make this a cult classic

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