Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Director: Tim Story

Writer: Don Payne, Mark Frost

Starring: Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Julian McMahon, Kerry Washington, Doug Jones, Andre Braugher, Beau Garrett


Story Susan Storm (Alba) and Reed Richards (Gruffudd) are tring to have the perfect quiet wedding, only there is one big problem they are part of the fantastic Four Invisible Woman and Mr Fantastic. Susan’s sister Johnny or Human Torch (Evans) tries to arrange a bachelor party for Reed, Ben or the Thing (Chiklis) helps out.


While on the bachelor party General Hager (Braugher) comes looking for Reed to help solve a problem with a mysterious Silver Surfer (Jones)(Voiced by Laurence Fishbourne). The Surfer turns up at the wedding looking to destroy the machine that detects his location. Johnny goes on the chase and catches but fails to stop the surfer from escaping.


With the Silver Surfer setting up the world for destruction can the Fantastic Four save the day? With the government out to use the surfers power and Dr Doom (McMahon) having escaped his prison wants the power for himself?

Verdict This superhero movie is from the lighter worlds of heroes where its all about the hero not about stopping the villain in a dark world. AS I have not seen the first one I can’t comment on whether it is better or worse but I do prefer the already known rather than origin hero movies. I think more details on what is coming to destroy the Earth is would have been nice. Most superhero fans will enjoy this and it seems to be a superhero movie aimed more towards younger generations. All the characters are likely but the villains both don’t get too much screen time to build up any hype to their plans.

Story Mark 7/10 Simple heroes beat villains in the knick of time.

Action Mark 8/10 Some good action scenes with Human Torch chasing Silver Surfer through New York.

Friendship Chemistry Mark 9/10 All four leads comes together by putting difference behind them to make the unit stronger

Special Effects Mark 8/10 Basic special effects, which carries the action well.

Star Performances Chris Evans – has to come through a few struggles and adds some much needed laughs.

Favourite Character The Thing – get wound up easily by Johnny and teases him with the whole power swapping scenes

Poor Performance Ioan Gruffudd – is he really a lead actor?

Least Favourite Character Reed and Susan both boring and should never be getting married

Best Part Silver Surfer dissolves a missile with the surfboard

Worst Part No real villain back stories

Best Quote Silver Surfer – ‘All that you know, is at an end’

Similar Too – Fantastic Four, X-Men and Daredevil

My Rating 67%

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