Apollo 18 (2011)

Director: Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego

Writer: Brian Miller

Starring: Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen, Ryan Robbins


Story Follow a secret space mission to the moon by the US government to plant some equipment to spy on the Russians. Ben (Christie) and Nate (Owen) land on the moon while John (Robbins) stays on the ship orbiting around the Moon. \Ben and Nate start their mission only to discover a Russian landing kit that is still operational but no astronauts.

Each night there is interference with the radio communications and things start moving. They seemingly start getting haunted but by what or whom? This ‘found’ footage will answer all you questions with plenty of jumps.

Verdict This horror, which follows similar paths to the other found footage movies, comes over very well by adding a conspiracy into the mix.  It never really gives the scares it could but keeps you on the edge waiting for a big jump, which never really comes. Most of the camerawork is done to be Point of view to the astronauts or set up cameras on the moon to watch what is going on in the environment around the base camp.

Story Mark 8/10 Conspiracy adds to a clever story of mans discovers

Horror Mark 7/10 Could have been a lot scarier than it is

Best Part Discovery of what is haunting them

Worst Part The found footage concept has been done too many times.

Best Quote Nate ‘The people who came in peace will rest in peace’

Similar Too – Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project and Moon

My Rating 68%


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