Fangs Out (2023) Movie Review

Fangs Out – Movie Review

Fangs Out

Director: Dennis Devine

Writer: Randy Oppenheimer (Screenplay)


Plot: A Group of college students head to Mexico for some cheap plastic surgery. There they meet Dr. Pavor, a creepy surgeon who is actually a vampire, harvesting victims for his blood cartel. Aided by his bloodthirsty nurses he systematically carries out his evil plan. When a detective looking for his missing daughter arrives – all hell breaks loose in a bloody combustible conclusion.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Fangs Out starts when a group of college students looking to head to Mexico for some cheap plastic surgery. Dr Pavor (Code) runs a clinic down there, where he harvests blood from his victims. Meanwhile, Detective Lee (Oppenheimer) is searching for his daughter who has gone missing.

As the students arrive at the clinic, they see how strange the clinic appears. Elsewhere, Detective Lee is getting closer to the clinic. The time is running out for the college students and Detective Lee, as they are being prepared as the latest victims.

Verdict on Fangs Out

Fangs Out is a horror comedy following a group of students and a detective heading to a cheap medical clinic. It sees them hoping to get a solution to what they want, however, what they find is a blood harvesting clinic.

This takes a step into the trashy style of horror, but remember that isn’t always bad. Here, the idea gets to innuendos about body transformations with vampires. It uses the desperation people have to have perfect bodies to select victims. This is a movie that fully embraces the environment we are thrown into. However, there is a major side of the movie that you could easily see people turned away by the movie.

Final Thoughts Fangs Out is a campy innuendo filled horror comedy.

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