Bayi Ajaib (2023) Movie Review

Bayi Ajaib – Movie Review

Bayi Ajaib

Director: Rako Prijanto

Writer: Alim Sudio (Screenplay)


  • Vino G Bastian (Rabit & Jani)
  • Adipati Dolken
  • Desy Ratnasari
  • T. Rifnu Wikana
  • Sara Fajira

Plot: Kosim, becomes suddenly rich after finding gold in a river in the village of Hirupbagja. He soon marries Sumi and lives a prosperous life as a landlord.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bayi Ajaib starts when Kosim (Bastian) strikes rich in a small river. He finds gold and marries Sumi (Fajira) becoming a landlord to a small village. However, when the couple have a child Didi (Cornellis) he becomes possessed by an evil spirit.

This leads to the evil spirit collecting souls in the village. Kosim must figure out how to stop the evil spirit and free his son. However, the spirit isn’t going to go without a fight.

Verdict on Bayi Ajaib

Bayi Ajaib is the latest Indonesian horror movie centre around a village being haunted. It follows a man that gets rich overnight and finds his family connected to a demon. As his son starts showing evil tendencies and the villagers keep getting harmed.

This one gets to dive into possession and shows the disturbing behaviour of the evil spirit. Nobody in the village is safe from the graphic horrendous nature of the spirit. We get to see each unique and disturbing injury received, some are on their own, others in front of people. Here, we get to dive into a complete mix of disturbing and possession-based horrors. They all work to bring us a movie filled with scares and horrific imagines.

Where to Watch: Bayi Ajaib is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Bayi Ajaib is a disturbing, uncomfortable scare filled horror movie.

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