Fair Game (1986) Movie Review

Fair Game – Ozploitation 101

Fair Game Poster

Director: Mario Andreacchio

Writer: Rob George (Screenplay)

Cast: Cassandra Delaney, Peter Ford, David Sandford, Garry Who, Don barker, Carmel Young

Plot: A young woman running an animal sanctuary in the outback takes her revenge on a trio of kangaroo hunters who terrorized her.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Fair Game starts as Jessica (Delaney) searches her nature reserve. The one she protects the kangaroos in, seeing the latest victims of hunters. Clashing with Sunny (Ford), Ringo (Sandford) and Sparks (Who). Three poachers collecting kangaroos.

When the two sides clash, Jessica is left outnumbered. Needing to use her knowledge of the outback to survive and fight back.

Thoughts on Fair Game

Characters & Performances

Jessica is an animal loving woman, caring about a nature reserve. Dedicating her own life to this, making sure every animal is cared for. Never afraid to stand up against anyone who threatens the animals. She will find herself targeted by the ruthless poachers. Not willing to give up her land, she fights back against the odds.

Sunny is the leader of the poachers. He tends to be more in control, only the other two cause him problems. Despite being the leader, he never seems to be as menacing as he could be. Ringo and Sparks tend to cause the problems in this world we are in. They are more twisted in what they put Jessica through. Always wanting to do more to make her suffer.

Cassandra Delaney is excellent in the leading role of the movie. She brings the physical side need for the role, showing how her character will never back down. When it comes to the three hunters, none of the performances really stand out.


The story follows an animal reserve protecting woman, who comes up against ruthless poachers. In what becomes a twisted game or torturous mind games. She must fight back to survive and save the animals, against the guys that don’t blink.

In typical 80s fashion, this Ozploitation story will see an innocent person needing to fight back against twisted figures. It will show the odds she needs to overcome, after being put through an horrific ordeal. Along with the traps used to get one back over them, to end anyone else going through the same pain.


Fair Game is an Ozploitation horror movie. One that will bring the typical concept, even if it holds back on the violence. It will bring the torture side for what Jessica goes through. Aswell as the traps she uses to get her own back. The outback is an excellent setting, because it shows how away from the world Jessica is. It can be used to her advantage though, when she looks to escape or hide.

Final Thoughts Fair Game is everything you expect an Ozploitation movie to be, without going too far.

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