Letterbox Breakdown – Owen Wilson


Letterbox Breakdown – Owen Wilson

Studying through the stats on Letterbox, it becomes fascinating to see who has become the most-watched star and whether they should be number one. I am going to be looking through the roles and see if the numbers add up to different roles and importance within the film. Exploring to see who has the most leading roles, supporting roles or just random cameos. Without further ado, let’s explore.

Owen Wilson – 40 Films

Current Rank – 20th

Different Roles

First, I will look at the number of different roles the actor has portrayed.

Number of different roles – 34

Roles in more than one film – 5

  • Hansel – Zoolander
  • Lightning McQueen – Cars
  • Roy O’Bannon – Shanghai Noon/Knights
  • Kevin – Meet the Parents/Fockers
  • Jedediah – Night at the Museum 2 & 3

Roles In Film

Second, I will explore the position in the film the star portrayed.

Leading Roles – 9

The leading roles include the three voiceovers for ‘Cars’ and ‘Marmaduke’. Whereas the live-action roles include the action movies ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ and ‘No Escape’. Owen has always been an actor shining in comedy roles, which is clear with the roles in ‘Big Bounce’, ‘Drillbit Taylor’, and ‘Midnight in Paris’.

Co-Star – 14

The Co-Star roles are where we see Owen’s biggest strength, working with others. The movies on this part of the list will show him in the comedy world he so easily shines in.

  • The Big Year – Jack Black & Steve Martin
  • The Darjeeling Limited – Jason Schwartzman & Adrien Brody
  • Father Figures – Ed Helms
  • Hall Pass – Jason Sudeikis
  • I-Spy – Eddie Murphy
  • Life Aquatic – Bill Murray
  • Marley and Me – Jennifer Aniston
  • Shanghai Noon/Knights – Jackie Chan
  • She’s Funny That Way – Imogen Poots & Jennifer Aniston
  • Starsky & Hutch – Ben Stiller
  • The Internship – Vince Vaughn
  • Wedding Crashers – Vince Vaughn
  • You, Me and Dupree – Matt Dillon & Kate Hudson
Supporting Roles – 6

The supporting roles tend to follow suit with the co-lead roles. Using limited time to get laughs in the movies he is in. he is often found working with the same directors or stars for these roles. The roles include the pair of ‘Zoolander’ movies, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, ‘Royal Tenenbaums, ‘Wonder’ and ‘Inherent Vice’.

Small Part of the Film – 3

In the late 90s Owen did work on trying to step out of the comedy roles after his first breakout. This will see him starring in roles where he didn’t make it to the end of the film. ‘Anaconda’, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘The Haunting’.

Cameos – 8

The cameo roles will see Owen return to his closest friends in the industry. Twice teaming up with Ben Stiller ‘Meet the Parents/Fockers’ and ‘Night at the Museum 2 & 3’. While also having a small role in Stiller’s directed movie ‘Cable Guy’. Completing this list is ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ where he was a Wright Brother with his own brother Luke. Returning to work with Wes Anderson in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and Woody Harrelson’s strange ‘Lost in London’.

Here is a full breakdown of the amount of roles to the ones I have scene.

The Missing Roles

This is a list of the biggest movies I haven’t yet seen from Owen Wilson.

  • The French Dispatch
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Marry Me
  • Little Fockers
  • Masterminds
  • How Do You Know

The date the stats were looked at – 5th July 2022

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