Dead Shot (2023) Movie Review

Dead Shot – Movie Review

Dead Shot

Director: Charles Guard, Thomas Guard

Writer: Thomas Guard, Charles Guard (Screenplay)

Writer: Steven P Moysey (Book)


Plot: A retired Irish paramilitary witnesses the fatal shooting of his pregnant wife by an SAS officer. After outwitting the SAS, now wounded, and presumed dead, he escapes, taking his revenge to the dark and paranoid streets of 1970’s London.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dead Shot starts when wanted criminal Michael O’Hara (Morgan) tries to escape his life with his pregnant wife. However, tragedy strikes when the army catches up with him and Tempest (Ameen) accidentally kills his wife.

In the aftermath, Tempest gets offered a role under Holland (Strong). This would give him a chance to avoid prison for the shooting. Meanwhile, Michael returns to people he knows, including Catherine (Jones), to get his revenge on the people who took everything from him.

Verdict on Dead Shot

Dead Shot is an action thriller follows two men caught up in the middle of the war between the English and the IRA. It sees a member of the Irish group witness his family kill, while the soldier is haunted by the events. They soon clash again, when they meet on the streets of London where they get involved in a bigger war.

This movie gets to show us how innocent people can find themselves caught up in a terrorist war. It shows us that the characters can become haunted by what happens and driven by vengeance. The consequences feel real and the remorse is carried through their lives. Where this movie can struggle by showing the behind-the-scenes in the battle. Focusing more on the two men whose lives changed because of the incident between them. This stops everything from feeling as intense as it could do, despite the highly explosive nature of everything.

Final Thoughts Dead Shot is a thriller that doesn’t spark enough intensity.

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