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posterThis was my first convention of any type, I am not going to lie I really didn’t know what to expect. I have known the found Gary Baxter for a few years and still remember when he was trying to show us some of the horror films on lunch breaks at work. With a bigger venue Cinema Surgery has grown from just a double feature film showing to a full event with special guests. The venue The Winchester is a good choice with the iconic name thanks to Dorset’s own Edgar Wright Shaun Of The Dead.

Gary The man behind the event
Gary The man behind the event

I ended up buying something on nearly every stand as well as having a good chat with some of the guests. Today I am just going to look at what I bought and who I met there, I will be saving my reviews on any film or books I bought until a later date.

This is everything I ended up buying
This is everything I ended up buying

My first stop was at Ninth Circle a retailer of graphic novels and pop-culture merchandise. On display were a full range of graphic novels including Walking Dead, Watchmen and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I ended up buying a copy of R.I.P.D City Of The Damned, I got this main because I didn’t enjoy the film and I wanted to see more of the source material.

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Next up I met a couple of the guys behind Space Monster Magazine. Space Monsters Magazine is a new magazine that looks at Hammer Sci-Fi & Monster movies. I purchased issue 3 and along with the website I am looking forward to reading the articles from these guys.


My next stop I met author David J H Smith and purchased a copy of The Titanic’s Mummy, which by itself looks like a very good read. This also offered a chance to buy some rare comic books. Some of which including a Nightmare On Elm Street, Walking Dead.


Following that I met Fwah Storm a guy I have actually heard a lot about from various people. With copies of Jericho comic books and the full graphic novel Jericho Downfall, this is the one I bought and will be reading later. There was also copies of the brand new graphic novel The Fallen which could have been bought on an early release.


Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to chat to Caroline Munro the former Bond girl from The Spy Who Loved Me. In the evening there was a showing of a two of her films as well as a new horror short The Landlady.

Damien Thomas was next and what a nice gentleman he was, I personally hadn’t heard or seen any of his films, but after some research I found out he had a very strong acting CV working with some big names including Peter Cushing, Walter Matthau and Roman Polanski. I got a signed poster of Twins Of Evil and a photo with man.


Finally I met Emily Booth from films Evil Aliens, Doghouse and Cradle Of Fear, most known to me as the host of The Horror Booth on Zone Horror better known now as Horror Channel. After a nice chat about horror films I got a signed copy of Doghouse and a photo with the lovely lady.


In conclusion I had a very good time, I found everyone very welcoming and I hope this event can continue to grow. I look forward to attending the next one and hope I get a chance to go to many more horror conventions in the future.

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