Chain Letter (2010)

Director: Deon Taylor

Writer: Diana Erwin, Michael J. Pagan, Deon Taylor (Screenplay)

Starring: Nikki Reed, Michael Bailey Smith, Michael J. Pagan, Matt Cohen, Cherilyn Wilson, Cody Kasch, Noah Segan, Brad Dourif, Keith David

Story: When a group of friends get a chain letter that says they will die unless they pass it on. Some pass it on others do not and when they don’t a maniac comes after and kills them.


Story: On paper it is a good idea for a horror story, unfortunately unlike similar films where someone gets threatened they will die in so many hours, days, weeks etc there is no tension built between each moment. The open sequence is actually the end of the film and a little bit of attention you can work out how it will end. The overall story feels very messy in all honesty with no twists or any creative outcome with the consequences. (3/10)

Cast: Nikki Read as Jessie, I think she was meant to be the lead seemed to work out what was going on but seemingly offers very little to stop what is going on. Should have stayed on in Twilight and pick up a few paychecks rather than try to lead.  (2/10)

Cherilyn Wilson as Rachel Conners the annoying sister to Neil who starts the sequences by forcing Neil to send the letter to there friends. A high school kid who Internet dates, really?  The character its self is pretty awful but following a solid performance in parasomnia Cherilyn does the best she could have with the poor scene time she receives. (6/10)


Cody Kasch as Neil Connors the nerd brother who gets the chain letter while playing World Of Warcraft. Offers little to the story just another victim. (2/10)


Noah Segan as Dante starts of looking like a love interest for Jessie only for that not to happen rather fast. Literally no scene time for someone I would have thought could have been one of the main characters (2/10)


Keith David as Detective Jim Crenshaw the lead investigator in the murders but really doesn’t seem to have a clue. Keith has fallen along way since the big supporting role in The Thing. Poor Performance Award (1/10)


Brad Dourif as Mr Smirker does his creepy role perfectly as the teacher who hates technology. Horror Icon Award (8/10)

Horror: As for horror this is pure slasher where each character you seem to meet snuffs it about five minutes later. One of the confusing sides to the killings is some are torture porn while others seems like opportunistic slashing. (3/10)

Sound: Though the film is pretty poor the chilling sound of the chains rattling is very effective (7/10)

Suggestion: I would suggest this to many horror fans as it offers little to any real horror fan. (2/10)

Best Part: its short

Worst Part: The confusing about what the killer seems to do with the killings.

Similar Too: Pulse, Feardotcom.

Overall: Part Pulse Part Feardotcom Part awful, big part awful really. Lacks of any tension or suspensions makes this just another poor slashers that luckily for anyone who does watch it Is rather short.

Rating 31%

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