Brother’s Nest (2018) Movie Review

Brother’s Nest – Movie Review

brother's Nest

Director: Clayton Jacobson

Writer: Jaime Browne (Screenplay)


  • Shane Jacobson
  • Clayton Jacobson
  • Kim Gyngell
  • Lynette Curran
  • Sarah Snook (Predestination)

Plot: Two brothers’ murder plans go somewhat sideways in this Australian dark comedy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Brother’s Nest starts when two brothers Terry (Shane Jacobson) and Jeff (Clayton Jacobson) break into their parent’s home. They are putting together a plan to kill their stepfather Rodger (Gyngell) because they know what will happen to the home when their mother (Curran) passes away.

As the brothers discuss the plan, they start to get second thoughts and question if this is right. It will bring to light their own problems they have been dealing with along the way.

Verdict on Brother’s Nest

Brother’s Nest is a dark comedy that follows two brothers who look to make sure they get an inheritance. Only everything spirals out of control for them, as they look to cover up their mistakes.

This is a movie that offers up a discussion between brothers about what is right. While looking deeper into the chaos that can be caused by a family member’s death. It doesn’t seem to hit the comedy it wants to, with most missing. This leaves the movie feeling flatter than it should be, as we wait for things to get kick-started in the bigger plan.

Final Thoughts Brother’s Nest is a flat comedy that isn’t dark enough to hit the laughs.

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