Broken Hearted (2019) Movie Review

Broken Hearted – Movie Review

Broken Hearted

Director: Joseph Ammendolea

Writer: Joseph Ammendolea (Screenplay)


  • Chris Matteis
  • Irene Jean Santos
  • Jason Wieder
  • Jennifer Cove
  • Tyler Godden

Plot: Brian is a PhD candidate who thinks he has his life figured out until he meets Michelle who is coming out of a recently toxic relationship. Both their worlds are flipped upside down while they try to navigate their feelings for one another. A drama comprised of a soundtrack from the most talented independently produced music artists.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Broken Hearted starts when Brian (Matteis) has a chance encounter with Michelle (Santos) while out with friends. However, Michelle is engaged but doesn’t reveal the relationship is toxic. As life roles by Michelle ends up in a break with her fiancée and Brian is looking for some friendship.

The longer the pair hang out, the closer they become, despite being resistant to getting involved in a relationship. Brian and Michelle continue to spend more time together, which sees them trying to understand their feelings for each, as their lives are changing.

Verdict on Broken Hearted


Brian is a PhD candidate who has planned his life out, but he can find himself lost in life. He meets Michelle and finds someone unlike anybody else in life. Brian believes he can win her heart despite finding himself caught up in the aftermath of a former relationship Michelle was in.

Michelle has come out of a complicated relationship with Tommy. She agrees to hang out with Brian, which sees the pair spending a lot of time together. Michelle is clear she doesn’t want a relationship, despite spending more and more time with Brian.

In the supporting characters, we have Brian’s family who want to help him through this strange relationship, along with his friends.


Chris Matties and Irene Jean Santos are our leads in the film. They both do a great job with their characters that don’t follow the traditional romance lines that we have seen for years now. Chirs shows the frustrations of his character, while Irene shows how conflicted she has become. The supporting cast do bring impact moments to the film, as well as a few laughs to lighten the mood of the film.


The story follows a young man who has planned his life out and meets a stranger that he believes he has fallen in love with. As the two start an unusual relationship, she makes it clear it isn’t ever going to be serious, while he is convinced he can make it serious.

This story could easily be compared to ‘500 Days of Summer’ with the idea that two people with different ideas of love come together in a relationship. The story makes it clear that it is never going to be more than friendship. It is easy to see why Brian struggles with this, with how close they get. Deep down, this is about seeing how love can be strange and not everything is what it seems on the surface.


Broken Hearted is a romantic drama which shows how love can happen at strange times in life. It explores how people have different visions of what love is. The movie uses everyday locations to show how the lives can come together for the characters. There is a much bigger discussion about romance and how people see it differently and not everything is as perfect as you might want it to be.

Where to Watch: Broken Hearted is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Final Thoughts Broken Hearted is a reflective story about understanding love.

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