Bread and Salt (2022) Kinoteka 2023 Movie Review

Bread and Salt – Kinoteka 2023 Movie Review

Bread and Salt

Director: Damian Kocur

Writer: Damien Kocur (Screenplay)


  • Tymoteusz Bies
  • Jacek Bies
  • Bartosz Olewinski
  • Dawid Piejko
  • Malgorzata Puzio

Plot: Tymoteusz, a pianist – student of the Warsaw Academy of Music, returns to his hometown for a vacation. A provincial town, like many in Poland, is a place where time has stood still, especially now during hot holidays. Tymek’s friends and his brother Jacek stayed in the city, also a pianist, who, however, did not enter the Academy of Music and spends time with his friends in the estate.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bread and Salt starts when Tymoteusz (T. Bies) returns home for a vacation. He gets met by his brother Jacek (J. Bies) as the two looks to catch up. They both have exceptional skills behind a piano, however, only Tymoteusz went to the Warsaw Academy of Music.

The two brothers look at how they have gone in different directions, despite their equal levels of talent. However, Jacek’s behaviour on the estate shows why things haven’t always gone his way in life and Tymoteusz sees what he could have been.

Verdict on Bread and Salt

Bread and Salt is a drama following two brothers that have lived different lives. It sees how one attended a music academy, while the other remained in their tough neighbourhood. This shows the bond between the brothers and how whatever life they live, they will be around each other.

The movie gets to show how people can become trapped in certain worlds. It shows how they can get caught up in a violent environment if they are not given chance to escape. This gets to show music can be an escape even if tensions between people could start rising. We have two excellent leading performances and a cast that makes you feel like you are part of the group.

Where to Watch: Bread and Salt is part of the Kinoteka Polish Film Festival 2023 showing on 9th March. Tickets information is here.

Final Thoughts Bread and Salt is an excellent drama showing music as an escape.

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