Anglerfish (2022) Movie Review


Anglerfish – Movie Review

Director: Calvin Welch

Writer: Calvin Welch (Screenplay)


Plot: It’s 1906. Under the dark sky of an Apocalypse, a young couple’s nightly rituals are disrupted by a mysterious woman burying her husband by the stream.

Runtime: 1 Hour

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Anglerfish starts as Mary (Wilson) and Jonathan (Wilkins III) get their nightly routine interrupted by Juliette (Black). Juliette is burying her dead husband by the local stream and gets welcomed back home for shelter by the couple.

As the three get to know each other, they start drifting apart. When Juliette looks to move on, the couple wonders what happened to her and questions where the world has taken them.

Verdict on Anglerfish

Anglerfish is a horror western movie following a couple that sees their nightly routine interpreted by a stranger. They look to offer shelter before they start seeing unusual things happen with the stranger’s behaviour.

This is a strange horror movie that does seem to rely on the flashing imagery throughout the movie. It seems like there are a lot more things going on in the world we enter. However, we don’t seem to get much happening and the mystery of the outside world is left too open. It does feel like we could have had a lot more from this story, instead of leaving so much left open to the wider picture.

Final Thoughts Anglerfish feels like too much is held back from the bigger picture.

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