Becoming a Queen (2021) Movie Review ‘Cultural Experience’

Becoming a Queen – Cultural Experience

Becoming a Queen is a fascinating documentary.

Director: Chris Strikes

Plot: The rise and legacy of Toronto’s nine-time Queen of Carnival, Joella Crichton who is aiming to win a historic tenth crown in her last ever performance.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Becoming a Queen

ThoughtsBecoming A Queen follows Joella Crichton who is a nine-time Queen of the Carnival winner, seven times in a row. Who is looking to enter one more Carnival competition before stepping away from the competition.

The documentary will dive into how Joella and her sister Mischka were celebrating and entering competition from a young age. First embracing what it meant to their own culture. Before seeing how they could bring joy to more people throughout the years. Seeing Carnival celebrated across the world.

Seeing the commitment that Joella and her family have put into achieving this over the years. The pressure placed upon them and Joella who has seen success create the hate towards her for winning. Like many champions in the competition. Seeing the two sisters preparing for the competition as the competition has turned into Joella retirement show. Adding extra eyes to see if she can’t get the 10th win of her career.

Becoming a Queen will give us an excellent look at the behind-the-scenes experience of being part of making a Carnival competition and the work that goes on to honour culture behind the events.

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