Bad Ben: Benign (2021) Movie Review

Director: Nigel Bach

Writer: Nigel Bach (Screenplay)

Starring: Nigel Bach

Plot: Bad Ben: Benign begins right where we left off, as Tom Riley wanders out of the woods behind his home on Steelmanville Road, and must climb through the window to get inside. He is baffled by objects in the house that aren’t his, things moving on their own, and soon finds himself dealing with evil forces that cause him to rely on the help of others to try and figure out once and for all how to rid the house of evil…including the most powerful demon he has ever faced!

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bad Ben: Benign starts as we see how Tom Riley (Bach) returns home after his latest paranormal adventure, leading him to find that his home isn’t everything he remembered, things are different, things have changed and now he is dealing with a new evil force.

Tom will need to do battle, using his own skills in the paranormal to search for a solution to make it out alive.

Thoughts on Bad Ben: Benign

ThoughtsBad Ben Benign is the 9th instalment in this franchise which has a cult following. This is the first one I have step into this and I am sure the people that have been supporting these films for so long are going to enjoy this. As this was the first visit to the franchise, I struggled to get much out of this film, because most of the film is just Tom walking around his home, dealing with little things like chairs moving and figures walking behind him. This isn’t scary, it isn’t remotely as good as it wants to be and ends up feeling like it isn’t even finished. This is low budget, it has created a following, but it won’t be an introduction to this franchise.

Final Thoughts Bad Ben Benign is one for the fans of the franchise.

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  1. I’m not sure why you reviewed this if you knew it was part of a series and not ideal as a stand alone film. I guess, at least, it may encourage people to watch the previous films. It’s not supposed to be major horror – a lot of it is camp – but I believe it had more jump scares than previous films. Also, there were several genuinely funny scenes – the kind you rewind again.

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