ABC Film Challenge – Horror – # – #Horror (2015) Thoughts

Director: Tara Subkoff

Writer: Tara Subkoff (Screenplay)

Starring: Chloe Sevigny, Timothy Hutton, Natasha Lyonne, Balthazar Getty, Taryn Manning, Stella Schnabe

Plot: Six preadolescent girls face a night of terror when the compulsive addiction of an online social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of insanity.

Tagline – Death is trending.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Flat Out Awful

Story: #Horror starts as we follow a group of 12-year-old girls from rich families looking to have a party, where they can act fancy and take selfies, which sees them acting horrible towards each other, while showing off their social media obsession, before getting into an intense case of bullying towards the largest member of the group.

Thoughts on #Horror

Final Thoughts This movie was one of the most difficult to watch, not because of the subject matter, which might well be important, because it is about social status and bullying, it is how most of it is shot, with constant flashes coming on screen, with the # culture being thrown into the front of the story. It could have been a smart look at how social media can take over people’s lives and let the girls rely on what people want in life over what is needed, it is just horrible to watch, and shows how poorly it has been made.

Overall: Unbearable

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