An Irish Story: This is My Home (2020) Movie Review

Director: Karl Nickoley

Plot: The Black Donnellys attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a concert played in every U.S. state while exploring Irish immigration to America and its influence and heritage.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Nice TV Style Documentary

Story: An Irish Story: This is my Home starts as we meet Dave Rooney and Dave Browne known as The Black Donnellys, who have broken world records in the past, including the longest gig. The pair have set their sights on a new world record, the fast number of gigs in the 50 different states in the USA.

As the band start their tour, they start to look at the first obstacles that are thrown at them, which sees the band look to make sure they can continue their dream to achieve this world record.

Thoughts on An Irish Story: This is my Home

Final Thoughts This is a documentary that would be an easy watch through the television screen, mostly because we are watching a small band trying to make history, does give us an interesting theme to watch, with chasing dreams being inspiring to anybody else. We do learn about the stories of the band members, what drives them to achieve with the world records and have their name in the record books until somebody else comes along. We get glimpses of their music, though it could have given us a little bit more, which does play in the background for a lot of scenes, but we could have seen the performances. The highlight of the journey is seeing the different size of the gigs, with some being the typical bar scenes, while others have a much more personal motivation, for people who wouldn’t normally be able to see the band. A nice look at how dreamers could get to achieve everything they are trying to in life.

Overall: Entertaining Documentary

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