Alpha the Right to Kill (2018) Movie Review

ACB Film Challenge – World Cinema – A – Alpha the Right to Kill

Alpha The Right to Kill is a raw exploration into the criminal underworld.

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Director: Brillante Mendoza

Writer: Troy Espiritu (Screenplay)

Starring: Allen Dizon, Elijah Filamor, Angela Cortez, Baron Geisler

Plot: Set against the backdrop of the Philippines Government’s crackdown on illegal drugs. A SWAT-led police force launches an operation to arrest Abel, one of the biggest drug lords in Manila. Police Officer Espino and Elijah, a small-time pusher turned informant. Providing the intelligence for the operation. Which quickly escalates into a violent and heavily armed confrontation in the slums between the SWAT and Abel’s gang.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Alpha the Right to Kill starts as police officer Espino (Dizon) turns to informant Elijah for help. Espino is investigating one of the biggest drug lords in Manila Abel. The operation looks like it will be set up for the SWAT team to take out, leading to a big shootout.

In the aftermath, Espino and Elijah take Abel’s bag, filled with supplies. The pair look to set up their own operation, showing the corruption within the force. This decision will put their own families lives at risk.

Thoughts on Alpha the Right to Kill

Alpha The Right to Kill is a crime thriller set in Manila. The follows a police officer take advantage of a situation to make money from busting a drug lord. Creating his own operation in the drug infested area. Working with his informant to keep himself clean from any investigation. It will show the cause and effect of getting involved in the criminal world. Pointing out how easily the operation could start in the environment and how low people will go to smuggle product around the city.

There is a backdrop of the police operation. Showing how people were killed in the drugs bust. This will be compelling, only we don’t get enough focus on that side of the story.

The performances are raw, showing the environment different levels of society live in. Espino having a better life, while Elijah is struggling to make ends meet. This will be seen in the settings too, showing the different levels of the drug system make things work. The hidden rooms, the way the drugs are moved, going in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

Final ThoughtsAlpha the Right to Kill is a raw dive into the drug underworld in Manila.

Alpha the Right to Kill Rating

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