Lakelands (2022) Movie Review


Lakelands – Movie Review

Director: Robert Higgins, Patrick McGivney

Writer: Robert Higgins, Patrick McGivney (Screenplay)


Plot: It tells the story of Cian, a footballer who gets attacked on a night out. He will struggle to come to terms with his career-ending injury.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lakelands starts when Gaelic footballer Cian (Hardwicke) sees his time on the team slipping away and an attack on a night out leads to him getting an injury. He gets to meet an old flame returning to town Grace (Galligan) who offers him a friendship outside of the boys.

However, when Cian starts to struggle with everyday tasks, his injury seems to suggest it might be a concussion. As Cian struggles to recover, the doctors believe his injury could be a lot more serious and he struggles to deal with a life without his beloved sport.

Verdict on Lakelands

Lakelands is a drama following a man who sees his life upside down after a life-changing head injury. While nothing in his everyday life seems that different, one part of his life can’t carry on the same. We see how he must face the reality that he needs to change to a life that is a lot safer on his head and give up the sport he loves the most.

This shows us that people will need to understand injuries and that life can change at the quickest moment. It shows us how people struggle to understand how people will react to the injuries they suffer from. This shows that sometimes injuries don’t look like much on the surface, but deep down they are causing a lot more pain. The performances help show the invisible struggle that Cian is going through wonderfully.

Final Thoughts Lakelands shows the painful battle with an invisible injury.

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