Alice Fades Away (2021) Movie Thoughts


Director: Ryan Bliss

Writer: Ryan Bliss (Screenplay)

Starring: Ashley Shelton, William Sadler, Blanche Baker, Paxton Singleton, Conor William Wright

Plot: A troubled woman in 1950s New England stumbles upon an isolated farmhouse and is taken in by its idealistic residents – until a murderous figure from her past arrives.

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Alice Fades Away starts when Alice (Shelton) appears on a small community with her son Logan (Singleton), where Roxy (Baker) will let her stay in their quiet home. As Alice looks to stay away from her controlling father-in-law James (Sadler) wants Logan back, sending an assassin Holden (Sekk) to get him back and kill anyone who gets in his way.

Thoughts on Alice Fades Away

ThoughtsAlice Fades Away is a thriller that is showing us what will happen if someone will do anything to escape their past, to save their loved ones. it does come off slowly, as we jump between the incident behind the escape and waiting for the calm before the storm. It will give us a surprising outcome, with a strong set of performances from the cast throughout. we do seem to have a few characters that don’t have as much to do as others, which does seem to make a few of the characters more forgettable in the end too. This is a thriller that does end up feeling more disappointing than anything else, with most of the potential falling short.

Final Thoughts Alice Fades Away is a slow burn thriller that does seem to be holding back too much.

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