A Wounded Fawn (2022) Frightfest Movie Review

A Wounded Fawn – Movie Review

A Wounded Fawn

Director: Travis Stevens

Writer: Nathan Faudree, Travis Stevens (Screenplay)


Plot: A serial killer brings an unsuspecting new victim on a weekend getaway to add another body to his ever-growing count. She’s buying into his faux charms, and he’s eagerly lusting for blood. What could possibly go wrong?

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Wounded Fawn starts as antique dealer Bruce Ernst (Ruben) makes sure he gets his latest artefact. Meanwhile, Meredith (Lind) has agreed to go on her first weekend away with Bruce, as their blossoming romance looks to start.

It isn’t long after arriving at the cabin, that Meredith starts seeing a woman wandering around in the shadows. As Meredith starts feeling uncomfortable, she looks to leave, but Bruce isn’t going to let that happen.

Verdict on A Wounded Fawn


Meredith is an art dealer who has been through an abusive relationship. She is trying to get back on her feet in the dating world, with Bruce being the first man she has got close to. Meredith starts seeing a woman around the home, putting herself in the correct mindset of wanting to leave.

Bruce Ernst is an antique dealer and serial killer. He uses his charm to get close to his victims, seemingly being controlled by a figure to commit these crimes. Bruce finds himself going on a journey, he never expected as he looks to make Meredith his latest victim.


Josh Ruben takes the role of the serial killer and while everything seems routine in the performance. It is the second half of the film where he shines with his performances, becoming a much more physical performance. Sarah Lind the second lead role is strong bringing a character to life with an insecure side.


The story follows a serial killer that has selected his next victim only for him to find not everything is going to go as planned.

This story goes in a very different direction than expected, which is nice to see, as it ends up down a twisted path of insanity. It isn’t afraid to hold back and is a story that focuses heavily on what we learn early on. This does also feel like one that we could re-watch to pick up on more little clues along the way.


A Wounded Fawn is a horror that doesn’t hold back on anything. It uses a type of horror that leans towards the haunting warning before going into a bigger blood-soaked style moment. The effects are used extremely well to bring us into the visceral injuries inflicted. A remote weekend cabin is used for the prime location, which helps create the isolation the killer requires.

Final Thoughts A Wounded Fawn is visceral blood-soaked mayhem.

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