Werewolves Within (2021) Movie Review

Werewolves Within – Laugh Out Loud Funny


Director: Josh Ruben

Writer: Mishna Wolff (Screenplay)

Starring: Sam Richardson, Milana Vayntrub, George Basil, Sarah Burns, Michael Chernus, Catherine Curtin, Wayne Duvall

Plot: Feature adaptation of the video game where werewolves attack a small town.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Werewolves Within starts when Finn Wheeler (Richardson) takes a new post as a ranger in the remote town of Beaverfield, where mail person Cecily (Vayntrub) shows him around the town, letting him meet the locals he will need to be dealing with.

Within Finn’s first few days, he learns about a creature that has been hunting down the locals and with the generators damaged, the town must come together to stay safe, taking shelter in the local bed and breakfast, only the truth is that one of the people inside the building could be the danger they are hiding from.

Thoughts on Werewolves Within

Characters & Performances – Finn Wheeler is a kind-natured park ranger that is looking to start a new life in a quiet town, where his nice guy attitude gets treated with different levels of respect upon meeting everyone. He will need to bring the people together in the town to try and stop them turning on each other to make sure they are safe against an unseen threat. Sam Richardson is excellent to watch in the leading role, his performance makes us want him to get through this ordeal. Cecily Moore is the local mail person that is also from out of town, she looks to help show Finn around getting close to him, being the person, he first starts to trust in the town. Milana Vayntrub brings us the bubbly character that is the positive one in this world. When we dive into the rest of the characters, we meet all of the different expect town’s locals that have their quirks and end up looking over their shoulders. The performances from the supporting cast work well, getting their laughs when needed, never feeling like they are filler in the cast.

StoryThe story here follows a new park ranger who has moved to a quiet remote town that finds himself needing to try and keep the community together when an animal attack occurs, leading the town starting to turn on each other to survive. This story is based on a video game, which is hard for myself to compare, as I have never played it, so this is just looking at the idea of a town pushed to its limits to try and keep themselves safe from an unknown creature. We do get plenty of mystery about who it might well be, which will keep us guessing, with each clue pointing heavily in one person’s direction, only for the next scene to move onto somebody else. We get to experience this mostly through Finn’s eyes, with him being the newcomer to the town, where he learns little details about each of the locals.

ThemesWerewolves Within is a horror comedy that will give us plenty to work with when it comes to the events in the town, the locals will all have quirks, Finn and Cecily often feel like the outsiders, along with the overreaction to certain events, will all gain laughs through the film. The location will be key, as it will add to the horror we go through, seeing how the characters deal with the isolation from the world.

Signature Entertainment presents Werewolves Within on Digital Platforms and DVD from 19th July.

Final Thoughts Werewolves Within is a fun horror comedy that mixes 30 Days of Night with Knives Out.

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