A Night of the Undead (2022) Movie Review


A Night of the Undead – Movie Review

Director: Kenny Scott Guffey, Jake C Young

Writer: Tyler Aucoin (Screenplay)


  • Mason Johnson
  • Nancy Anne Ridder (Scream)
  • McKenzie Clay
  • Denny Kidd
  • Brianna Phipps-Stots

Plot: In 1968 the world was shaken by an outbreak known today as the “Night of the Living Dead”. On the anniversary of the event…a group of podcasters soon learn that children shouldn’t play with dead things.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Night of the Undead starts years after an unusual event in 1968, a story of the dead coming back to life. The story has been passed down through generations. Now, a group of podcasters Adam (Johnson), Judy (Clay), Piper (Phipps-Stots) and Brady (Kidd) head out searching for answers.

As the group head to the remote home where the events happened, they start to see clues left behind. The group start seeing strange events around the outskirts and the paranoia about a spreading virus starts to hit home.

Verdict on A Night of the Undead

A Night of the Undead is a horror movie with a clever idea. Using the events of a previous undead movie ‘Night of the Living Dead’, we follow a group of podcasters exploring the truth behind the story. With the idea that it was a cover-up real event, that people have speculated about for decades.

This twist on the overused undead storyline is an interesting and fresh concept. While other horror movies have tried to use a horror movie legend to make a movie. I am talking to you ‘Blair Witch 2’, that one failed to capture the important aspects that make it special. Returning to a micro-budget undead feature only helps A Night of the Undead. Everything in the movie feels raw and feels like a real investigation and the Easter Eggs from the original are an excellent touch.

Final Thoughts A Night of the Undead has a clever twist to the undead universe.

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