Silent Night (2020) Movie Review

ABC Film Challenge – Thriller – S – Silent Night (2020) Movie Review

Silent Night

Director: Will Thorne

Writer: Will Thorne (Screenplay)

Starring: Bradley Taylor, Cary Crankson, Frank Harper, Nathaniel Martello-White, Joel Fry, Sarah Leigh

Plot: Mark, a low end South London hitman recently released from prison, tries to go straight for his daughter, but gets drawn back in by Alan, his former cellmate, to do one final job.

Tagline – One. Last. Job.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Silent Night starts as Mark (Taylor) is released from prison. Looking to make up for his mistakes by going straight for his daughter. But finding it hard to find a job that will bring in the money needed.

When Mark is left with no other option but to return to his previous life by Alan (Crankson), he returns to helping the gangster Caddy (Harper) only to learn the world might have changed from his previous time in the industry.

Thoughts on Silent Night

Silent Night brings us yet another movie that looks at a former gangster figure that wants out of the world. Only to find themselves dragged back into for one last job that will take them through who they can and can’t trust.

This is a story we have seen so many times before and while this does do something slightly different with Mark and his mindset. We end up going down the same old path, not having any unique sequences and by the end of the film. It has been seen before.

The performances are fine, nobody is bad in the film, with only a couple of characters that you want to see more off in the film. This just isn’t anything fresh or original, which will leave the fans of the genre happy enough. While the people who don’t enjoy it will not find this that entertaining.

Final Thoughts Silent Night is a by the book gangster film lacking any originality.

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