A Family Matters Christmas (2022) Movie Review

A Family Matters Christmas – Movie Review

Family Matters

Director: LaVern Whitt

Writer: Anthony Guilianti, Peggy Williams (Screenplay)


  • Kellie Shanygne Williams
  • Randy Vince
  • Cheyenne Cummings
  • Chase Drewery
  • Melan Perez

Plot: Christmas is anything but ordinary when three bickering siblings from a newly blended household cannot see eye to eye. The youngest one, while completing his annual science project, accidentally calls upon the Spirit of Christmas. They wake up to find themselves having switched bodies, unable to change back until they learn to spend the holidays together as a loving family.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Family Matters Christmas starts as three bickering siblings Brandon (Drewery), Emily (Cummings) and Aidan (Vince) are in a family coming together. Brandon’s father is marrying Emily and Aidan’s mother Tessia (Perez). As the bickering gets worse, the youngest member of the family Aidan makes a wish, that sees the sibling’s body swapping.

To get back into their original bodies, they must learn lessons about working together and becoming a family. As the three start to learn about each other’s problems they get to understand the importance of family at Christmas.

Verdict on A Family Matters Christmas

A Family Matters Christmas follows a family that must come together as a family for Christmas. It sees them swapping bodies and learning the different lives they each live. This shows three children that are at different eras of their school lives must learn how different they are.

When it comes to a Christmas film, it is always good to see people coming together. This does everything it needs to and gets great laughs along the way. the body-swapping elements of the film work really well. It gives us three very different characters that must adapt to a new style that brings laughs along the way.

The three young stars Chase C Drewery, Cheyenne Cummings and Randy Vince all give great performances throughout the film. Tamieka Chavis as Aunt Tracie brings another fun performance to add to the collection in the movie.

Final Thoughts A Family Matters Christmas is an enjoyable feel-good Christmas movie.

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