10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Over the last two decades, the Fast franchise has turned into a juggernaut, unlike anything anyone could have imagined. It has pulled in some of the biggest box-office draws including Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Jason Statham. With the 10th movie in the series and 11th in the franchise about to drive on to the big screen. It is time we looked at who else could possibly join the franchise with the announcement of at least two more to come.

I am writing this before seeing Fast X, so I don’t know if anyone on this list is a surprise addition to the cast. It is also just a list, not a ranking order.

10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

1 – Nicolas Cage
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Nicolas Cage is one of the best action movie stars of all time, his run in the late 90s was outstanding. The Rock, Con-Air and Face/Off are discussed in legendary status. However, I would like to see another established character join the cast. Memphis Raines from Gone in Sixty Seconds. He has a history with cars, has the same fear of a certain model of car and can put together an expert team.

Let’s not forget that it is Nicolas Cage who always commits to his roles. We could have so much fun with his being a team brought in to help with the big job. I wouldn’t put him in as a villain, more of a partner that could help arrange things, more in the Mr Nobody style without the law enforcement side to his character.

2 – Michelle Yeoh
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Oscar Winner Michelle Yeoh has always been cast in big American franchises. She has already been part of the James Bond, MCU and Star Trek. Michelle is easily one of the biggest stars in the world right now and what better than letting her join this mega-franchise?

One character we never learn too much more about is Han, Michelle could slot in perfectly to his back story. Outside of that, we could see her in a much bigger villainous role too, similar to what Cypher has been in the last few movies.

3 – Pierce Brosnan
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Pierce Brosnan has plenty of experience in big franchises having been James Bond in the past. He has continued to impress with action roles over the years. While I believe Brosnan could return in the Shaw storyline, potentially being a Father or Uncle figure to them. Throw him into a cockney accent that Helen Mirren brought to the role. We get a new wise older head put in the mix.

4 – Lashana Lynch
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Lashana Lynch has made a massive impact in recent years. Captain Marvel, No Time to Die and The Woman King proved her acting prowess. Lashana is somebody who could step into many different roles in the franchise. She could join Dom’s team or easily become an enforcer that Letty goes into combat against. Lashana is easily the one that could jump into any role in the franchise and steal the show.

5 – Will Smith
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Will Smith has been an A-List star since bursting onto the scene in 1990 when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a massive success. He went on to become one of the biggest action stars, with Bad Boys, Independence Day and Men in Black. However, his pursuit of an Oscar tended to take over his career. One thing that was always questioned about him, was his willingness to be part of an ensemble cast. Suicide Squad did change this and with an Oscar under his belt, he is open to more roles.

After the incident that shocked the world at the Oscars, Will needs a chance to do something fresh. One role he has never taken is a villainous role. Imagine we got the cool slick Will Smith back in a villainous role that is always one step ahead of the family. It could work wonders for the film and future roles for the big star.

6 – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has long been rumoured to be joining the franchise and the biggest villain of the lot. However, nothing has happened yet. With The Matrix and John Wick, we know Keanu can elevate any franchise he is a part of. If we get to see Keanu as the biggest villain in the franchise, we could get another level of exceptional combat sequences.

It would also see Keanu take on a more villainous role, one we haven’t seen that much from him. He could bring along an exceptional stunt team that could add much to each action sequence in the movie too.

7 – Park So-dam
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Parasite star Park So-dam was one of the stunning cast in the movie that turned so many heads toward South Korean cinema. She went on to star in an action movie Special Delivery where she plays a no-nonsense driver in a similar style to The Transporter. In this role, she is cool, clever, funny and smart. This would make her a perfect addition to the franchise.

8 – Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest female action stars in film history. She brought Lara Croft to life in what was one of the best video game adaptations. As well as being a crucial part of many other actions movie. She could easily slide into a role similar to what Charlize Theron has been bringing us over the recent years.

9 – Deepika Padukone
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Deepika Padukone was offered a role in the franchise before, for Furious 7. However, her Bollywood commitments stopped her from appearing in the franchise. She would go on to appear alongside Vin Diesel in XXX Return of Xander Cage. Being one of the biggest names in Bollywood would bring another audience to the already popular franchise. She has also proved that she can step into any action role without ever looking out of place.

10 – Tom Cruise
10 Actors That Should Join the Fast Franchise

Tom Cruise is the king of the big action movie. You can almost see the contract put forward for him. First, you can drive any car you want. Second, you can do all the stunts you want. Third, we will let you go to space. Fourth, you know what, write down whatever you want, you can just come and have some fun.

Tom is also an actor that has been linked with a potential reveal as the final big villain. However, rumours mean nothing and we could easily see him on either side. A friend to the crew or the one trying to bring them down.

That is 10 Actors that Should Join the Fast Franchise. Who would you like to see join the franchise?

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