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Why I’ve Picked this choice – This action movie follows FBI agent Sean Archer (Travolta) whose son is killed by terrorist Caster Troy (Cage) and has spent 6-years hunting him down, before eventually catching him, seeing him fall into a coma despite having a bomb planted in the city. The only way Sean can defuse the bomb is to go in for a medical procedure which will see him have his face removed and replaced with Castor, making him become his own worst enemy, only Castor doesn’t remain in the coma for as along as planned and decides to become Sean, killing anyone who knows the truth.

This is a completely over the top action film, where Nicolas Cage takes everything to a new level, with both his villainous character and the good guy with the villains face, Travolta enjoys the same, as the stylish action film will be remembered for years to come.

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