You Only Live Once (2021) Movie Review

You Only Live Once – Solid Micro Budget Thriller

Director: Jimmy Dasaint

Writer: Jimmy Dasaint (Screenplay)

Starring: Bobby Rand, Yizzo, Edward Ferguson, Wyo Chi, Sakeena Felder, Lauren Mack

Plot: Investment Banker Lance Wilson has gotten himself caught up in a major money scheme. After losing a million dollars he is now a wanted man on the run. Now he must survive a perilous night in Philly or suffer the consequences.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: You Only Live Once starts when Lance Wilson (Yizzo) starts to see his investment catching up on his on his anniversary with his wife, seeing Blacky Knuckles (Rand) looking to track him down and collect his money.

With Lance on the run, he must look for someone to help him on the perilous streets of Philly, never knowing what will happen between each interaction he has, just wanting to get home to his wife.

Thoughts on You Only Live Once

Characters & Performances – Lance Wilson is the investment banker that finds himself seeing his latest investment crashing, leading to the people who invested through him hunting him down to collect. He must spend the night surviving the night on the Philly streets if he is to make it home to his wife for their anniversary. Yizzo takes this leading role, as we follow his journey through the night, he does a great job, giving us a grounded performance of someone who just wants to do the right thing. When we jump into the supporting cast, we get Blacky Knuckles who is leading the charge wanting his money back, with Robert Rand leading the supporting cast well.

StoryThe story here follows an investment banker that has seen his investments go wrong, leading to him needing avoid the people who have invested within the scheme that want their money back and will do anything to get it back. This is a story that will keep things simple by having the man on the run with a different selection of people, as he looks to prove himself not guilty of what happened. This does tend to go over the same routine, with nearly every scene talking about how Lance wants to get back to his wife. While not the deepest, it keeps everything simple and is easy to watch.

ThemesYou Only Live Once uses the Philly streets to show the uncertainty that you might find through a night, with thrilling side of the film, waiting to see what will come around next for Lance.

Final Thoughts You Only Live Once is a tidy thriller that shows how someone will need to run to solve the problems.

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