Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

logoDirector: Joe Lynch

Writer: Turi Meyer, Al Septien (Screenplay) Alan B. McElroy (Characters)

Starring: Erica Leerhsen, Henry Rollins, Texas Battle, Aleksa Palladino, Daniella Alonso, Steve Braun, Matthew Currie Holmes, Crystal Lowe


Plot: A group of reality show contestants find themselves fighting for their survival against a family of hideously deformed inbred cannibals who plan to ruthlessly butcher them all.


Verdict: Bloodier Sequel


Story: We follow a celebrity diva on her way to a reality television pilot, where she takes, yeah you got it a wrong turn and becomes our first victim. We get to meet the rest of the cast now as they get set to record a reality show about survival after the apocalypse. We see how selfish the characters are but the real battle for survival starts when the games begin and the cannibals join in.

Larger cast on both sides of the battle helps the film because we get more confliction, more blood and a larger body count. Saying that we do have to get through a whole host are highly unlikable character with the only ones worth supporting are Dale, Mara and Jake. The story gets to poke a small bit at how ridiculous reality television is now. It could have gone for the found footage angle with all the contestants wearing head camera, but it stays well clear which works well for the film. It really comes off as an improvement from the first film storyline wise feeding into the gorier side of the story. (7/10)


Actor Review


Erica Leerhsen: Nina part of the game who wants to keep herself to herself, but has to learn to join in to be part of the game and survive. She does get captured but after having help to escape she makes sure the family never feed again. Erica gives an ok performance but I feel she gets lost in the leading lady role. (5/10)


Henry Rollins: Dale host of the show and ex-army guy, after getting captured early on he used his skills to escape and take out the cannibals before getting to rescue the final two. Henry is the star of the show really, you just want to see his character face the cannibals. (8/10)


Texas Battle: Jake former college football star whose injuries have left him lacking a career, he enters the game for a chance to show off his athletic skills. He is the honest character who helps everyone out even through another shoulder injury. Texas gives a solid performance as the good guy trying to get back on his feet. (6/10)


Aleksa Palladino: Mara producer’s assistant who has to take part in the game after one of the contestants doesn’t show up. She starts to enjoy the idea of the game before being betrayed and killed off. She gives a solid supporting performance but never gets a chance to show her skills. (5/10)


Daniella Alonso: Amber solider with excellent survival skills taking part in the game. Even with her survival skills she struggles against the cannibals. Average performance as her character should be better. (4/10)


Support Cast: Mostly other members of the game, the crew and the cannibal family, they all add to the story in their own small ways. The cannibals becoming a larger villain than we had first time around.


Director Review: Joe Lynch – Increases the level of the film with a bloodier side to the story, large body count and a final shot that really is disturbing. (8/10)


Horror: More gore, blood and kills raise the horror rating on this one. (9/10)

Thriller: It loses suspense points mainly because you don’t care about enough characters. (7/10)

Settings: Great use of settings to create the isolation for the characters. (9/10)
Special Effects
: Great special effects used for all the kills throughout the film. (10/10)

Suggestion: This is one for all the horror fans out there, filled with plenty of blood and gore. (Horror Fans Watch)


Best Part: Dynamite kill

Worst Part: Annoying characters

Kill Of The Film: It’s in your back pocket dynamite kill

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Has four more sequels in the franchise

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $4 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

Tagline: Dinner Is Served


Overall: Improvement on a Solid First Outing

Rating 75

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